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How to Grow Your Income | taught by Type-A Parent
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Type-A  Parent
Type-A Parent

About the Instructor

Type-A Parent, established 2007, hosts the world's premier network and conferences for influencers and marketers.

You’ve got the content down. You rock a good blog post, and you can Facebook share/tweet/Insta/snap like nobody’s business. But you scream out SHOW ME THE MONEY and hear crickets. OK, maybe not crickets. But you can almost smell the potential for more money sitting right there, waiting for you to grab it.

Course Contents

12 Videos
10.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

How to Monetize Your Entire Platform to Increase Your Income
Knowing Your Worth - Discovering and Maximizing Your Hourly Rate
How to Pick the Best Affiliate Programs
What the Affiliate? Unwrap the Mystery of Closing Affiliate Sales